LED/ LCD digital screens


We offer LED / LCD screens in a range of makes, models and sizes, and with touchscreen capabilities.



Projection screens


Screens are available in several different formats (4:3, 16:9, 16:10). Choose from pull-down, fixed frame or motorised screens, which can be controlled from a simple wall switch or a remote control, or have it automated from a centralized control system.





The most common projectors use DLP or LCD technology, but vary according to brightness (ansi lumens), projection distance, and intended purpose (outside / inside / rear projection).



Video conferencing equipment


The right video conferencing equipment for you will depend whether it’s for single or dual screen use, content sharing, point to point or multi-site. We can provide solutions for ISDN or IP, in high or standard definition.



Digital signage


Digital signage is a network of screens showing content that you can customise. The screens can be controlled from a computer allowing you to change content remotely and as frequently or infrequently as you need. Choose between interactive or information kiosk style screens, in arange of sizes and brands.